Looking Forward

2012 is off to an exciting start here at WACAP! In this, our 36th year of finding families for children, we have so much to look forward to in every country where we work!

  • photo of child adopted through WACAPA family will soon begin their court proceedings with Taiwan and become parents to a group of three siblings.
  • Our China program will see the homecoming of the first children placed through our Shandong Partnership.
  • An eight year old girl in Ethiopia will travel home to Illinois with her parents. Five other Ethiopian children, all of whom are age 8 and older, will meet their families for the first time.
  • An eleven year old boy in Thailand for whom WACAP began advocating in 2006 will join his family this year.
  • Our US Kids program looks forward to continuing our partnership with KING 5 Television and finding families for kids in Washington state.
  • Our first group of families will be entering our new program in Bulgaria this month. We’re so excited to be reaching out to Bulgarian children who are waiting for families.
  • With end of the year delays now past, families will soon travel to Korea and bring their children home after a long wait.
  • In India, we’re looking forward to seeing new guidelines implemented so that we can continue our work of identifying and advocating for Indian children who are waiting for families.
  • In Russia, we’ve just reopened our program in the Republic of Tartarstan, and two families will be registered there soon! The process in this region has been so swift that we look forward to seeing these kids (and more!) come home this year.

In addition to what’s on the horizon, new families are coming our way every day (and some are returning to adopt a second or even a third child through WACAP!). We’ve also begun planning for our favorite annual events, and we look forward to seeing our families, donors, and friends at the annual Mother’s Day Brunch, WACAP Family Camp, WACAP Kids Day, and our 2012 Children’s Hope Gala and Auction.

Inspired by our vision of a family for every child, we look forward to what this year will bring, and we will keep you posted throughout the year on all of our progress.


WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) is one of the largest and most experienced international nonprofit adoption and child assistance agencies in the United States. Since 1976, we’ve placed over 10,000 children with loving adoptive parents and provided food, medical care and education to more than 200,000 children around the world.
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2 Responses to Looking Forward

  1. Becca Piper says:

    Best wishes to WACAP, the children, and families in 2012. May all children find a loving home.

  2. Robert & Suzanne Dampier says:

    It sounds like you have a terrific year coming up! We wish the very best to you, the children you so tirelessly serve, and their new families!

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