Meeting Families, Reaching Children: Ato Teklu Visits

Two children give Teklu a welcome embrace

A welcome hug for Ato Teklu Abera, WACAP’s director in Ethiopia

A Reunion With Families at WACAP

A couple of weeks ago, the doors leading to WACAP headquarters’ main exit were closed to help keep in dozens of small faces, which peered excitedly through the glass. Kids on their way to their teen years lingered near moms and dads. Toddlers on up, bustled about, laughter and energy lighting the evening hours of the office that helped these children come home.

Families had come specially to see WACAP’s director in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Ato Teklu Abera — the man who had graciously received them at WACAP House in Ethiopia before they traveled home with their children.

A large group photo with Ato Teklu

A snapshot of some of the families who came to see Ato Teklu (too many to fit into the frame!)

Many brought with them the first photo they’d received of their child; looking at their faces, Ato Teklu clasped his hand gently to his chest, letting out a sigh of delight in the reunion with each child, many four to five years older, now smiling and thriving. 

Needless to say, the glass doors keeping in the toddlers did little to contain the joy, which spilled out. 

Reaching the Children Who Still Need Families

Beds in an Ethiopian orphange, with caregiver nearbyIn discussing WACAP’s continued work in Ethiopia, including WACAP’s Stay-in-School effort and continued adoption work, Teklu was able to share more about a new orphanage WACAP is working with in Northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region. Expanding to a larger facility to serve more children, the orphanage has a unique and urgent need: more beds and more bed linens (and a machine to wash them). To help WACAP raise funds for these items so that we can help reach these children waiting for a bed … and for a family, click here.

As Teklu returns to Ethiopia, we are thankful for the time he and his wife have spent with us and for the families he has helped to build, and we are excited for the families and children whose lives he will touch in Ethiopia.


WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) is one of the largest and most experienced international nonprofit adoption and child assistance agencies in the United States. Since 1976, we’ve placed over 10,000 children with loving adoptive parents and provided food, medical care and education to more than 200,000 children around the world.
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