WACAP Reflections: 10 Years With Lily

Since 1991, WACAP has helped find homes for more than 2,000 orphaned children living in China, and we continue to seek families for thousands more who continue to wait in Chinese orphanages and foster care. Recently, we heard from the family of one child WACAP helped bring home nearly 10 years ago.

Thanks to Ronda and Jay for sharing their story as they celebrate 10 years with their daughter Lily:

Two images of Lily, ten years apart

Lily in China in 2002 (left) and Lily at Winterfest in Ottawa, Ontario in March 2012

We adopted Lily 10 years ago and since then, whatever life we’ve known prior to that time has been enhanced in innumerable ways. The joy of life with Lily is illustrated by our little Chinese daughter happily singing and dancing around the house on any given day. Granted, there are times when she is temperamentally skulking around the house, too — but, fortunately, not too often.

 To hear Lily singing Tsamina mina / Zangaléwa / ‘Cause this is Africa … / Tsamina mina eh eh / Waka Waka eh eh, from a favorite song by Shakira performed at the last World Cup in South Africa, sung in nearly perfect pitch, brings our world into gentle focus and closer than we ever imagined. A Chinese-born American girl, singing and dancing to an African folksong made more popular by a Colombian songstress just makes us smile. Our world is a little smaller and made more comfortable in the thought that all of the arbitrary boundaries and actual distances are transcended so effortlessly in the voice of one child.

When we think about the arduous and emotional process we began 12 years ago, it’s difficult to recall the stresses encountered in that experience now. Along with the pleasures we have had with Lily, we have met a great number of people along the way whom we shall forever cherish — through our classes, through our trip to China as well as sometimes chance encounters. Most important in this entire process was our choice of WACAP in assisting us in what has become our life journey. A journey that has taken strangers from opposite corners of our country and planet and made them friends and family.

Lily with her parents

Lily with her parents, Ronda and Jay

In recently celebrating Lily’s 10th birthday, we reflect on the two people who made it possible for Fuliu to become Lily, and we respect and honor their undoubtedly difficult choice by doing our utmost on a daily basis to make their hopes and desires for our daughter a reality.

She is an utter delight, the love of our lives and as she grows into the person that she is becoming, we are growing and becoming all over again, and it’s certainly more fun the second time thanks to Lily!


WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) is one of the largest and most experienced international nonprofit adoption and child assistance agencies in the United States. Since 1976, we’ve placed over 10,000 children with loving adoptive parents and provided food, medical care and education to more than 200,000 children around the world.
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4 Responses to WACAP Reflections: 10 Years With Lily

  1. Mike Marone says:

    Lily landed in the right place with Jay and Ronda. There are no better parents anywhere!

    Mike Marone

  2. Susan & Michael Conner says:

    Jay and Ronda and Lily,

    Lily is a poised and charming young person.

    When your family is together, you all shine.

    Knowing you has made our lives richer, too.


  3. Ralph A Guevara says:

    There’s no more of a perfect place for Lilly to come and share the lives of Rhonda and Jay than their home here–I’m so happy to see how wonderful and fast Lilly is growing into a young happy lady–Jay and Rhonda you always are my heros for giving Lilly the wonderful life that you are giving her!!!

  4. Patrick Diamond says:

    Beautiful Family … Truly a wonderful thing, the gift you have given her, as well as the gift that she is giving you.

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