WACAP and KING 5 Television Celebrate a Two Year Partnership Finding Forever Families for Washington Children

“I hear kids at school talk about going to the Seahawks game all the time. ‘Sounds great,’ I say back, but all I really want is someone to take me to one. Don’t think I’d even care what kind of game. Just someone to take me; to love me.”

These words belong to 10-year-old Victor, an active boy currently in Washington state foster care, along with 10,067 other children. Of these kids, 2,167 (whose birth parents’ rights have been terminated) are waiting for a family to adopt them. That’s over 80 Washington school classrooms — filled to the brim — with children of all ages who need a family … at this moment.

KING 5 Morning News team

Joyce Taylor and KING 5 Morning News Team who host “A Family For Me” with WACAP

Committed to finding homes for kids like Victor, WACAP proudly continues its second year partnership of “A Family For Me” with KING 5 Television. Through this award-winning effort, kids like Victor get to spend an afternoon doing an activity they love, from horseback riding to laser tag, and receive professional portraits, courtesy of Yuen Lui Studios. All this while our videographer gives them a one-of-a-kind opportunity to share a bit about themselves and the family they’re dreaming of … in words distinctly their own.

Thanks to the KING 5 Morning News team, many of these unique and spirited kids, spotlighted on this Seattle NBC affiliate, are finding permanent families.

KING 5 News Anchor Joyce Taylor, who hosts “A Family For Me,” notes, “Over the past two years, [my colleague] Mike and I have considered it a privilege to be part of helping deserving kids find families to call their own. Each one of the children we’ve profiled in ‘A Family For Me’ has touched us in a special way.”

The children introduced each week include boys and girls, school-age kids to teenagers, from a diversity of backgrounds and each with amazing talent and ambition. “These kids, and kids like them, often live in multiple foster homes and aren’t adopted usually because they’re a little older, have an older brother or sister, too, or are working through some past or current challenges,” says WACAP CEO Lillian Thogersen. “We are invested in their present. And our partnership with KING 5 has allowed us to broaden our community’s awareness of foster/adoption together, as we continue to help children, around the globe and right outside our door, find the family they deserve.”

WACAP’s very first placement was a child from Washington state foster care in 1976. Years later, through “A Family for Me,” which began in 2005, WACAP has been able to help find families for over 300 children, children like Victor, by giving them a chance to say the thing they’ve been waiting to say. Even after KING 5 airs “A Family For Me” each week, each child’s video segment continues to be invaluable for state case workers, seeking the right family for each child with a story in hand.

“Every boy and girl has their own unique story and dreams for the future,” Joyce Taylor affirms, along with her colleague Mike Blakey, KING 5 news editor and video coordinator. “We hope sharing their stories will help make those dreams come true. For all of us at KING 5, this partnership has been a meaningful and positive connection with our community and the children we all care about.”

Over the past two years, 30 children have been placed with adoptive families. That means a classroom of children who eagerly dreamed about what “a family for me” might be like … doesn’t have to dream anymore.

WACAP A Family For Me LogoTo learn more about “A Family For Me,” visit WACAP. To learn more about our partnership with KING 5 Television and to see the videos for some of the children, visit KING 5’s Community page, “A Family For Me”

Our ongoing thanks to KING 5, the members of the Morning News team, and also to Yuen Lui Studios, for two years of incredible and life-changing partnership.


WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) is one of the largest and most experienced international nonprofit adoption and child assistance agencies in the United States. Since 1976, we’ve placed over 10,000 children with loving adoptive parents and provided food, medical care and education to more than 200,000 children around the world.
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