Before and After Two Trips to Bulgaria

map showing line from Seattle to Bulgaria's capitalIt’s 5,851 miles from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital, to Seattle, Washington, where WACAP’s headquarters lie.

WACAP staff have made that two-way trip twice since 2011. The first was to talk with Bulgarian government officials about working together to reach the orphaned children in need of adoption across this 205-mile wide country.

Our second trip was just last month, a little more than two years after WACAP and Bulgarian adoption authorities agreed to move forward together in our shared vision: to find these children families.

Monika in her orphanage

Monika in her orphanage, where she waited eight years for a family

During this recent trip, WACAP lead staff met with our Bulgaria agency colleagues. It was the first face-to-face meeting since we’d visited officials and orphanages in 2011, realizing what a difference we could make by telling families about the children who kept being overlooked. Maybe because they were school-age, or they had a medical need, or had a big brother who also needed a home.  So again this November, we talked about helping even more families learn about the potential these kids are just waiting for someone to see.

Nine-year-old Monika is one of these children. She is the difference two trips to Bulgaria makes.

Between WACAP’s two visits — the first marking our invitation to join Bulgaria in finding families for children and the second, underscoring two years of working together — Monika is one of the first children who has come home.

For Brenda, Monika’s mom, it was 5,457 miles from Tennessee to Sofia, a two-way trip that she also made two times. Once to meet the child who’d waited eight years for a family, and a second time this past summer to bring her daughter to the place she finally gets to call home … and where her little girl dances in the fields just outside their door.

Monika at home, in the hayfield in her back yard

Monika at home, in the hayfield in her back yard


WACAP (World Association for Children and Parents) is one of the largest and most experienced international nonprofit adoption and child assistance agencies in the United States. Since 1976, we’ve placed over 10,000 children with loving adoptive parents and provided food, medical care and education to more than 200,000 children around the world.
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One Response to Before and After Two Trips to Bulgaria

  1. Sandy Edwards says:

    Brenda’s oldest daughter, Rebekah, was my twin daughters’ first best friend. Our daughters are now 22 years old and are separated by the hands of time. The memories still tug at my heart! I know, without a doubt, that Monika is a very lucky girl to have such a special Mom!!!

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