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Adoption FAQ: “What is a “special need?’”

When I talk with families about the individual needs (or “special needs”) a child may have, I’m often asked a few recurring questions: “What is a ‘special need?’” “What do you consider ‘minor?’” “What can my family handle?” Children’s needs … Continue reading

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Strong Families Q/A: “Should I consider a heritage or family camp vacation?” [2017 listing]

“I can feel how supported I am, and even when things aren’t perfect, I see my kids accepting more and more how very loved they are.” These are the words one WACAP mom shared after returning home from a WACAP … Continue reading

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Adopting from Thailand

When considering various options for adoption, families sometimes overlook smaller or lesser known programs, such as WACAP’s terrific Thailand program. Thailand is known as “The Land of Smiles,” and it only takes walking around for a day to understand why. … Continue reading

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The Waiting Game: “How long does it take to adopt?”

“How Long Does it Take to Adopt?” Everyone wants to know. How long, really? Waiting is one of the most excruciatingly unpredictable pieces of the adoption process for prospective families. My answer? It can take a while. Much of it … Continue reading

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Q/A: An Adoptee’s Perspective: “How do I feel about ‘adoption day?’”

Adoption Day. “Gotcha Day.” i Homecoming. It’s a day that many adoptive parents and their children celebrate the day they became a family. And as one WACAP adoptee shares here, it’s also a day that can bring more to the … Continue reading

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