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One Mom Shares: “Building a Nest: Older Child Adoption”

WACAP parents Kristi and Alexander adopted their son, 7-year-old son Henry, in February. Here, Kristi shares about the experience of adopting an older child: what’s different, what’s familiar, and what’s amazing as their family of six grows closer. Continue reading

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On Becoming a Father — On Becoming a Grownup

“I have been a parent for twenty years,” Greg Eubanks, WACAP’s CEO reflects, adding, “There is a joy to fatherhood that I’m only recently discovering.” In this post, he explains why that is … Continue reading

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Two Adoptees’ Stories: Two Perspectives on Growing Up Adopted

Both impacted by adoption, Katelyn, adopted from Russia, and Jacob, adopted from Colombia, each have unique stories to tell about growing up adopted. Each was profoundly changed by family, and both carry powerful feelings that continue to shape who they are.

Thank you to Katelyn and Jacob for sharing about their journeys, the families who shaped their paths, and what they’d like others to know. Continue reading

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Q/A: An Adoptee’s Perspective: “How do I feel about ‘adoption day?’”

Adoption Day. “Gotcha Day.” i Homecoming. It’s a day that many adoptive parents and their children celebrate the day they became a family. And as one WACAP adoptee shares here, it’s also a day that can bring more to the … Continue reading

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Looking Forward

Embarking on our 41st year of bringing children and families together through adoption, we’re looking forward … carried by the community of supporters, staff, adoptive parents and adoptees who comprise WACAP’s history and story.

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Expectations: How I Messed Up Everything

At my home this holiday season, we are lucky to be enjoying an extended visit by my daughter and two-year-old granddaughter. It’s great and messy and fun…and exhausting. Parenthood isn’t wasted on the young. As we put up Christmas decorations, … Continue reading

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Sharing our Knowledge, Engaging our Partners

“How does WACAP promote positive outcomes for children placed in adoptive families?” This question was proposed to WACAP by China’s Center for Child Welfare and Adoption (CCCWA) earlier this fall. More specifically, they wanted to know how to evaluate children … Continue reading

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Congrats, Class of 2016!

One of our biggest perks this time of year is receiving graduation announcements from WACAP adoptive families. We first got to know these children through tiny referral photos and translated documents, so seeing them becoming adults and moving on to … Continue reading

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What I Learned from Adopted Persons

Recently, I was privileged to moderate WACAP’s panel discussion: “Growing Up Adopted.” Seven adopted persons of multiple ages and backgrounds shared their experiences with those of us in attendance. They represented many unique perspectives and were brave storytellers. I walked … Continue reading

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“And we said yes”

When I saw our adoption agency’s number pop up on my phone that day, I put my phone back in my pocket and kept trudging toward the market … WACAP board member and adoptive parent Kristin Kalning writes the above passage in … Continue reading

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